Our mission is to make a lasting, positive difference in the lives of people with mental illness and disabilities.

What do you like about Safe Transitions? Staff responses:

  • “I’m very glad I work at Safe Transitions!  The staff are amazing and the clients even more! The fulfillment I get from my job is worth more than any amount of money. I’m proud to be an employee of Safe Transitions! Very happy I took the job!" 

  • "If you're looking for a job to help people while also helping yourself, you're looking in the right place!"

  • “I love where I work when I feel coming to work is just a part of my life routine, it’s not a chore or something I dislike doing.  Safe Transitions gives me a flexible schedule with great people and many benefits.”


Cloquet, MN

Harner is an exquisite raised ranch style home located on the outer edge of Cloquet, in a very quiet neighborhood. The home features a large, high vaulted ceiling living space, perfect for quiet time to do puzzles, hobbies, nature viewing from the many windows, and so much more. There are 3 living spaces in the home, giving many options for relaxation. During the winter months, the downstairs fireplace serves as a centerpiece for socializing and conversation over a cup of hot chocolate. Harner visitors are always greeted with friendly conversation and homemade treats. Arts, crafts, and baking are popular at Harner and everyone is always ready for a relaxing outing in the community such as attending a local dinner theater or watching the boats pull in at the Canal Park Harbor. Harner is handicapped accessible and provides 24 hours staff coverage with additional staffing according to each person's individual needs.

What do you like about Safe Transitions? Here are some responses from family and case managers:

  • "The great staff, the condition of the home & the ease of communication with staff. It feels homey & comfortable."
  • "Specialized knowledge to mental health issues."
  • "My client has lived with ST for MANY years. He feels safe in the home and in the community."
  • "My brother was totally against moving there. Now if he’s home for more than 3 or 4 days he’s anxious to get back “so they don’t worry about him”. That pretty much says it all."
  • Come join our well respected and experienced team!